Step One
Agent Selection & Market Review


We help you to select the best agent for your property. How?

  • We review all the agents in your area.
  • Collaboratively, we will compile a list of the top agents for you, then a shortlist of whom we believe is ideally suited to meet your needs. Our analysis is based on the various agents' performance and statistics in your area.
  • Independent reference checks are conducted of property owners that have sold their property via the agent.
  • We will arrange the agents’ inspections and appraisals. We recommend a minimum of 3 agents attend your property and present to you. 
  • Independent and objective assessment and feedback will follow from Katz Vendor Advocates in order to guide you to select the best agent for you.
  • Next step; leave the negotiating of agent's fees, marketing and agency agreement to us! 
  • We are looking out for one party only, every step of the way - YOU!


We help you to select the best agent for your property. How?

  • Upon the agent presenting their sales data and portfolio, Katz Vendor Advocates will independently review and analyse the data provided.
  • This will include an analysis of current and historical sales, specific to your property type.

"Despite having a long-term relationship with one of the agents in the area, I chose to go with Neville's recommendation, as I found their strategy and approach more suitable.

I was impressed with the interview process, as I was able to get an insight into how the sale would be run, and make a judgement on which agency would be the most beneficial for my situation"


Step Two
Closing in On Your Potential Buyer

Our key objective throughout the entire process is to act on behalf of YOU, the property seller, to make sure you are supported, treated fairly, and are fully informed at all times.

"Neville is a trustworthy source of support and information when trying to navigate the world of real estate" 



  • Katz Vendor Advocates will be in constant contact with you and your agent and will support you as much or as little as you require.
  • We will assist to interpret the lead information provided from the open inspections.
  • In closing in on your potential buyer, we will often speak with other agents in the area who may know of the potential buyers and their current behaviour in the market, providing additional 'intel' for yourself and your selling agent.
  • We provide assistance to interpret the agent's reports and ongoing advice and guidance throughout the campaign around price expectations and offers received.

"Neville Katz proved his worth, not just in assisting choice of selling agent, but in keeping  me at  arm's length from the stressful processes of inspections and managing feedback from potential buyers."


"He took all the detailed time-consuming work away from us!

Once we chose the selling agent, he was happy to be the 'go to' person with any news the agent had, and he only reached out to us with crucial information. We sold our property quickly and for a much higher amount after Neville negotiated more for us" 

Milane and Ricardo

Step Three
Negotiations: Hold or Fold!

So now you have evidence of interest in your property. You may have already had some offers. This process can be overwhelming and extremely nerve-wracking.

  • We will keep you calm, rational, objective, and devoid of emotion.
  • Should you accept a pre-auction offer? Should you pass your property in at auction? Should you ask the agent to negotiate?
  • Imagine not having to make these decisions yourself? We will provide you with objective advice, guide you through the process,  with confidence and commercial nous.
  • We will attend the auction with you to ensure your interests are the priority and no undue pressure is placed on you to sell at a price below what you are comfortable with. 

"He shuttled between us and the agent, reporting step by step and recommending how the next stage could best be handled.

In the 24 hours leading up to exchange, he had 26 phone calls with the agent. He ultimately brought the contract to us for signing, returned to the agent and made sure of the exchange."   

Sheila & Peter, VAUCLUSE

"We appreciated your guidance throughout; and also remaining with us during the final negotiation for sale. You played an important role in supporting our stance when the agent was happy for us to proceed at a lower price and in the space of the final 24 hours, it is reassuring to see how the price increased by $125,000. Your confidence in supporting us and being the go between to convey the firm message to the agent was important in bringing the final higher offer in. We did not anticipate a sale during COVID and expected to be in the position where this would drag out another 6 months..."


Step Four
SOLD!! And the Logistics
  • Once the property is sold, Katz Vendor Advocates will continue to support you and be involved as much as you need should any queries or issues arise.
  • Generally from exchange to settlement, your agent and conveyancer will be your main contacts for all pre-settlement inspections, etc but sometimes additional help may be required; eg, if there is a delayed settlement, an issue needing rectification after exchange (eg, a boundary dispute), or you need further support and explanation of contract clauses and or settlement conditions.

"Neville protected me when dealing with prospective agents and helped me organise all the appropriate paperwork. Kind, sincere and professional. I felt truly looked after. How does anyone sell a property without him? "


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