How we work


1. Select an agent

Helping you select the right agent for your needs

The process starts with meeting you in person to discuss your needs and view your property. Based on your circumstances, your property type, location and the current market conditions, we’ll recommend agents (usually three) – each of whom we believe is well suited to meet your needs.

We’ll liaise with your chosen agents and arrange convenient times for them to present their proposals. We’ll then provide guidance to help you to make an informed decision.


2. Review & Negotiate

Reviewing & negotiating agents’ agreements, costs & commission

We will review and discuss with you the agents price expectation, marketing plan and cost, any proposed styling as well as the commission rate and structure. Whilst the agency agreement will be signed by you, we will review and advise on any points that require alteration or clarification.

We will liaise and negotiate these points with the agent on your behalf and ensure that they are correctly reflected in the agency agreement that you sign.


3. Guidance & Support

Guiding and advising you throughout the process to settlement

We are available as needed – over the phone or meeting with you in person during the campaign, throughout the sale process and eventual settlement.

We are available to discuss any changes in pricing expectations and offers received during the campaign as well as attending the auction. Depending on your experience and comfort level, we can be involved as much or as little as you choose.


4. Sold!

Rest easy with peace of mind, knowing you are informed and supported

Depending on your experience and comfort level, we can be involved as much or as little as you require.

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I feel fortunate to have had someone of your calibre assisting me and greatly appreciated your interest, sincerity and knowledge. I truly felt looked after. How does anyone sell a property without you?!

Carol, Dover Heights

Katz Vendor Advocates is a trustworthy source of information and support when trying to navigate the world of real estate.  Neville used his significant experience to help me find the right agent.

Annette, Woollahra

Katz Vendor Advocates held my hand through the entire process. I cannot recommend Neville highly enough…it’s crazy not to use him!

Ingrid, Vaucluse

I am truly grateful for Katz Vendor Advocates’ services to help sell my home. Neville made the process seamless and took all the angst out of an otherwise stressful situation.

Annette, Glebe

Katz Vendor Advocates assisted me in selecting a real estate agency. I felt overwhelmed and needed some assistance to identify and select the appropriate agency. Neville made the process so easy and efficient.

Ingrid, Vaucluse

When I decided to sell my home of 30 years, I found the process incredibly daunting and emotional. Neville’s guidance from the initial stages through to the final sale was immeasurable, stress free and easy. I highly recommend him.

Audrey, Kingsford

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