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Lauren Nathan - 22 Greenvalley Rd, St Ives   

It was time for Lauren's family to downsize from her home in St Ives.

Whilst Lauren was pretty relaxed about the sale of her home, it was still an emotional, highly sensitive, and overwhelming time for Lauren as she had lived in the property for over 20 years. She entrusted Neville to support and guide her through the process.

After a review of several of the local agents, 3 agents in the local area were eventually selected to be interviewed. They appraised the property with a range of $1.6m to $1.9m.

Lauren's dream price was to achieve $1.75m, an amount which two of the agents believed was unachievable.

The end result for Lauren was absolutely sensational with the property selling for $2m! - Way in excess of her wildest dreams. A truly elated client.

"Thank you so much for guiding me through the sale of my house. Sold in 2 weeks. From meeting with the agents and selecting the right one, to going through the contracts and ensuring everything was in order. Always on hand if I needed to ask something and advising me regarding questions to ask the agent which I never would have through to ask. What a great experience, made the whole process so much less stressful. Highly recommend your services."

Lauren, ST IVES

Liz Barr - Deceased Estate
 Birrell St, Bondi Junction                                               

As one of the executors of a deceased estate in Bondi Junction Sydney the challenge for Liz was to get the maximum price possible to distribute to each of the 13 beneficiaries. As such, it was recommended that the property run the entire campaign period and be sold under auction conditions.

Liz was time-poor, with a demanding job and three teenage children, and so needed to 'outsource' this huge task to someone who was trustworthy, commercial, had strong negotiation skills with the various stakeholders, an excellent communicator and available at odd hours of the day to fit in with her work schedule.

"I cannot overstate how amazingly helpful Neville was in the selling of my deceased uncle’s property. With a very busy job and three teenage children I was so lucky to have found Neville. He interviewed real estate agents on my behalf, negotiated the commission, advertising, costs for cleaning out the property and all other contractual and logistical issues with the chosen agent. He negotiated and checked the agency agreement with our selected real estate agent and explained all aspects to me clearly. He also liaised with the solicitor in charge of probate and took charge of day-to-day issues with the real estate agent and solicitor. I spent less than two hours in total on the whole selling of the house up until the day of the auction with Neville taking charge of everything else and keeping me up to date on the progress and necessary details throughout the campaign and advising me on offers received prior to auction including advising me not to accept a healthy offer above our reserve a week before auction. We achieved an outstanding result which was significantly above the reserve and in excess of 10% above any offer received during the campaign. I cannot recommend him enough."


226 Hereford Rd, Forest Lodge 

Annette had previously had her property on the market and it had not sold. Neville worked together with Annette to select an agent in the area best suited to sell her family home.

Annette found the process much easier than she expected and found Neville to be extremely trustworthy. "He took the angst out of an otherwise stressful situation."

"Neville used his significant experience and discerning judgement to assess who would be the best agent in the area. It can be a very difficult time, but he was there every step of the way. Neville is a trustworthy source of support and information when trying to navigate the world of real estate. You can be sure that he will research and negotiate the best deal for you, taking a lot of the fuss and uncertainty out of the process...  Neville's services cost nothing and the only thing you have to gain is getting the best agent, resulting in a good price.

Neville took the doubts away and always remained calm and reassuring. Nothing was too much trouble and no question was too much detail. Neville was happy and willing to advocate on my behalf when necessary and help me focus on the important decisions during the process."


Dan & Georgina
25 Junction St, Woollahra                                      

Executive couple, Dan and Georgina and their 2 children had outgrown their home in Woollahra and it was now time to upsize. Having bought and sold previously in the Sydney market, they had experienced mixed results and did not always feel in control of the process so were seeking independent support and guidance. Importantly, they needed someone they could bounce off various commercial scenarios with and have as a sounding board when navigating the property sale process.

“ Neville was referred to me by a business associate. Prior to that, I was unaware of this type of service. Our initial intro phone conversation went for around an hour and a quarter; by which time I was convinced I wanted to work with Neville. Neville has a great knack of unpacking all scenarios around buying and selling property. With Neville’s help and guidance we felt in control at all times. He clearly explained the process and how he could be involved, and provided guidance when we needed it.

We discussed every eventuality with Neville and understood how to tackle issues with confidence as they arose. We felt certain we would achieve the result we were looking for in both buying and selling (which we absolutely did btw), and when the going did get tough we could rely on Neville as a buffer between us and the Agent. Neville was always available when we needed him."

Dan & Georgina, WOOLLAHRA

86 Wentworth Ave, Pagewood                      

After a separation, Helene found herself in a situation where she needed to sell her family's home of 17 years. The first time Helene engaged Katz Property was after she had already chosen an agent. She was concerned she would be disadvantaged, missing out on 'the first step' of Neville's services, however, Neville was still able to work together with Helene and her agent to achieve an outstanding result.

Neville was as intimate with the leads from each open house as Helene's agent was and in the last 48 hours prior to auction she received 3 offers, one of which she admits she would have accepted if it weren't for Neville's commercial mindset, extensive experience, confident and reassuring advice to run the campaign till the end and proceed with auction day.

She never looked back and happily accepted the winning auction bid.

“ I engaged Neville because I just wasn't 100 percent trusting of agents and really wanted the best possible result I could get for my family home of 17 years. Boy am I glad I did. The agent I had selected did an okay job but they didn't win my confidence and had not done half the homework Neville had.

Not only did I feel supported and confident in executing each piece of advice he offered but he drew on his resources and knowledge to make a very bold decision -  knock back the best offer a day before auction which my agent was pressuring me to accept. Thank goodness I did,  in return, I accepted an offer on auction day a cool $450,000 more than the offer the day before. My house broke a street record! "


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